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Arthritis Flare-Ups and Weather Changes: What You Need to Know

Written By Total Care Injury & Pain Centers on February 8, 2021

Arthritis TreatmentHave you ever heard your grandparent make the comment that their arthritis is acting up, so a cold front is on its way? No, their arthritis cannot predict the upcoming weather patterns; however, it is not uncommon for some individuals to experience flare-ups due to weather changes. 

Is there any direct, scientific connection between arthritis and weather changes? No – however, that does not mean that cold and heat don’t play some role in the intensity of an arthritis flare-up. 

What is an Arthritis Flare-Up?

An arthritis flare-up is defined as a period in which your arthritis symptoms begin to worsen, and your typical treatment methods simply don’t help. 

Flare-ups can be caused by several factors, each of which varies by the type of arthritis the patient is dealing with. Some of the most common triggers include:

  • Stress
  • Injury
  • Poor diet
  • Weak immune system

These flare-ups can last hours, days, and even months, depending on the type of arthritis you are dealing with. So, when you feel a flare-up coming on, make sure you check in with your care team to ensure you are doing whatever you can to manage symptoms. 

What Role Does Weather Play in an Arthritis Flare-Up?

Again, there is no concrete evidence that weather plays any part in an arthritis flare-up. However, there has been an increase in research into the connection between the two. Some studies do suggest that there may be a correlation between cold, damp weather conditions, and frequent arthritis flare-ups. 

The myth of cold weather causing an increase in arthritis flare-ups likely comes from the understanding that cold can restrict movement and cause stiffness in joints, while heat helps to relax the joints. 

So, what can you do to combat weather-related arthritis flare-ups?

  • Dress in warm layers
  • Stay active 
  • Adequately stretch the body before and after exercise 
  • Seek regular chiropractic treatments to ensure you are maintaining a proper musculoskeletal structure

Arthritis Treatment with Total Care Injury & Pain Centers

If you’re dealing with arthritis pain, then seeking out chiropractic adjustments could help you find genuine relief. The adjustments provided by the team at Total Care Injury & Pain Centers alleviate joint restrictions that could be leading to your inflammation and pain. 

Are you dealing with an arthritis flare-up? Then contact any Total Care Injury & Pain Centers location near you today!

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