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Dr. Jason Beeharilal, MD

Dr. Jason Beeharilal, a native of Washington, DC, graduated at the age of 23 from Howard University College of Medicine, after which he pursued a career in Internal Medicine, with a focus on Intensive Care. His versatility in the practice of medicine allows him to treat and comfort patients in all stages of disease, from the clinic, to performing procedures.

Even prior to his medical career, "Dr. Bee," as his patients fondly call him, embraced a love and talent for art and music, still playing for cultural functions in various cities, and presently drawing portraits for leisure. The latter sparked his interest in medical aesthetics, where he applied his proficiency and knowledge of the 3-dimensional characteristics of the face, and effects of light on skin and tissue texture to achieve the most natural results from his enhancements and treatments.

His knowledge of wellness, fitness, and nutrition, along with living the lifestyle he recommends to his clients affords them the opportunity to see, first hand, another person on the same journey; at the same time, his clients also benefit by the ability to use the principles of wellness for both their medical and aesthetic health. Many clients, therefore, become able to use fewer medications, and eventually use fewer aesthetic products to achieve and maintain their goals.